Dear Friends | 13th August 2017

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Dear Friends,

Wow, what a week we just had with the decision that Australian people will have a say on same sex marriage through a postal vote. Obviously, I support the Biblical view of marriage that God established in Genesis 2:24 and Jesus reinforced in Matthew 19:4-6 which clearly states that marriage is between a man and a woman.

However, we need to be Christian in our response to people who don’t see it the same way. The fruit of the Spirit manifests in love and kindness. It’s important that during the next few weeks (where I anticipate the debate has a potential of becoming nasty) that we don’t become nasty. We are called to love and kindness not only towards those with whom we agree but also towards those with whom we disagree.

With any debate, there are those who are passionately on one side and their passion causes them to get emotional and say emotional things. I am certainly on a clear side, but I have determined to address the issue and not make it personal. Those on the other side of the debate still need to be treated with respect and consideration.

It is in times like this that the church needs to pray, stay positive and believe that ultimately in all things “GOD’S GOT IT.”

Lots of love,
Ps John and Anne Iuliano