The Wonder of Christmas

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The Wonder of Christmas

Christmas at LifeSource

What better way to celebrate Christmas than singing your favourite carols, eating seasonal treats, and exploring the story of Jesus?
Come join us in these fun-filled services as we discover the wonder of Christmas. With a special kids program, jumping castle and lots of surprises, it’s sure to be fun for the whole family!
9th December
The Wonder of Christmas Production
9am & 11am
16th December
Christmas Carol Services
9am & 11am

25th December
Christmas Day Service

Dear Friends | 6th March 2016

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our March celebrations called “Touching the World.” 20 years ago a young couple arrived to pastor a church that were meeting at Chatswood High School. Over the last 20 years this church has grown remarkably not only to influence its local community but also to touch the world.

From our first day there was a sense that God had ordained this partnership and amazing things were going to happen as a consequence. Anne and I want to especially thank all the people that have done the journey with us for the entire 20 years. Your faithfulness and loyalty has touched us deeply. We also want to thank all our leaders and volunteers that contribute with diligent passion. We can only do what we do because of your help. I also want to thank our staff that put in the hard yards week in and week out especially Ps Helen who has been on staff for 19 years and Sandra who has been on staff for 16 years. These two ladies have been indispensable in helping us achieve what we have achieved.

I also want to express my gratitude to our board that carries unbelievable responsibility. They walk a fine line between faith and practical business procedure. I admire the way they keep the balance. They have been tremendously supportive of Anne and I.

Finally I want to thank every member of LifeSource who contributes to the well being of our church. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for loving our vision. Thank you for contributing to the ongoing support of all we do. Thank you for loving God, growing spiritually and helping others. I fell in love with our church 20 years ago and the love continues. The Kingdom of God has been eternally expanded because of our partnership and unity. May it long continue.
Lots of love,
Ps John and Anne Iuliano

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

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NSCC will be starting 21 days of Prayer and Fasting from 1st June, through to 21st June. We’re encouraging the entire church to get involved. Why? So that as a corporate group we can press into God, and get closer to him, becoming a more effective disciple and disciple maker in our world. We have compiled two resources to help you: The NSCC 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting – 2014 Fasting Guide will help you understand why we fast, and what type of fast you can do throughout the 21 days. It also contains practical information about fasting and how to break a fast. We have also included a corporate prayer list – a specific prayer for the church for each day. The NSCC 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting – 2014 Devotional Guide is a 21 day devotional. Each day has a short Bible passage to read, a small paragraph for reflection and then space for journaling. We have suggested both personal prayer points, and also the corporate prayer points from the Fasting Guide. We are so excited for what God will do in our church in the later half of the year. If you have a story to tell as a result of the fast, no matter how big or small, we’d love to hear about it – so make sure you let us know!

Three Types of Vision

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When it comes to vision, there are three types of people in the world:

1. Those With No Vision.
These are the people who have difficulty seeing what’s ahead of them. They live their lives from day to day doing the same thing over and over. They feel safe in their comfort zone and as much as possible avoid change.

2. Those With Blurred Vision.
These people can see vaguely what is ahead of them but have no strong conviction or commitment to a single vision. Consequently, they tread lightly in life hoping each step is the right step. They lack boldness and assertiveness. They have some direction, accomplish some goals but can never truly achieve their maximum potential.

3. Those with Clear Vision.
These are the people who can see where they are going and are boldly pursuing the clear vision they see. Because they have clear direction and know where they are going, they walk with confidence. They are not easily sidetracked; they are not easily distracted by someone else’s captivating vision and call to join them on a different journey. They know what God has called them to do and they do it with passion and enthusiasm.

Friends, we all need to pursue clarity and definition to our God inspired vision. Don’t give up until you get it. It is one of the great keys of living a fulfilled life.

Change = P+R+A+Y

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I love the fact that every 365 days we get a brand new beginning. We get a chance to leave old things behind us and start again with a fresh vision. Many people begin each year with new resolutions, promises they make that are broken within a few hours. Others are able to make positive changes because they understand what forces are involved in making positive change.

I have discovered that the formula for change looks something like this: Change = P+R+A+Y.

P is for Passion. By passion I mean a real desire to change that creates motivation.

R is for Repentance. By repentance I mean recognition that what I was doing was not great and I must do something different.

A is for Accountability. By accountability I mean inviting someone into your life who will keep you on course. Someone whom you report to and tell exactly where you are up to in your journey of changed behaviour.

Y is for You. By you I mean just that. A new you is within you. It is just looking for an opportunity to get out. Can you see the new you. Will you encourage the new you. Will you nurture the new you and not allow old habits to suffocate the new you before it has enough strength to become strong and consistent.

Finally don’t forget the power of PRAYER. Ask God to help you become the person He wants you to become. His power is available to you and it is only a prayer away.

May 2012 be your best year yet.