Dear Friends | 10th April 2016

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Dear Friends

Last week I shared a message about the greatness of God. He is like a diamond with infinite facets, and as we gaze upon Him, we see a unique facet of how amazing He is. I hope you have been able to see more facets of God’s greatness this week. Here is another aspect for you to reflect upon.

God is not just loving, He is love. He defines love. But, in our desire to love God, we must remember that He loved us first. We sometimes think that a relationship with God hinges on our efforts to pursue Him, thinking it rests entirely upon us to do all the work. But this is not 100% true.

When I met my wife, Amanda, she didn’t already love me. She may have known a few things about me, she may have even thought I was good looking, but she didn’t love me. I had to earn that love. I had to pursue her to earn her love. This is similar to our relationship with God, yet we don’t pursue God to earn His love, we already have His love. He pursues us so that we would love Him. It starts with Him first.

1 John 4:19 (ESV)
We love because He first loved us.

We can try and concentrate our efforts into loving God, but really, we should concentrate our efforts on realising how much God loves us – then it becomes much more natural to express love to Him. Don’t concentrate your efforts into loving God first, but concentrate your efforts on realising how much He loves you. The overflow will be your response of loving Him, following Him and obeying Him.

Yet another amazing facet of God’s greatness!

Be blessed
Ross & Amanda Stewart

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