Dear Friends | 20th December 2015

By December 20, 2015Inspiration

Dear Friends,

As we come into Christmas, I want to thank the amazing volunteers that keep on giving. This year has been the best year on record for our church. None of this would have happened without the sacrificial help of 380 volunteers that give and keep on giving.

We have people that have been volunteering since our church started (30 years ago). We also have brand new volunteers that have started this journey this year. I get delightfully overwhelmed when I see people give of their time, talent and energy to help others and make our church the wonderful church that it is.

One of the incredible blessings that our church performed this Christmas was the distribution of 100’s of hampers and gifts to our community. All this requires the work of an army of volunteers. We are getting amazing feedback from people who have been deeply touched by our generousity.

We just had our Christmas presentation last week with another army of volunteers, many of who worked behind the scenes and remain unnoticed. They don’t do it for personal glory but for the glory of God.
Great will be your reward in Heaven. God notices whatever we do to extend the Kingdom and to help others. It is also noticed and appreciated by me.

Christmas is about giving and the giving of our volunteers makes me one very proud pastor.

Lots of love,
John and Anne.

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