Dear Friends | 24th January 2016

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Dear Friends

This week, I was challenged by a well-known atheist. (Click here to see the video). Penn Jillette is a comedian and illusionist, and one half of Penn & Teller – a comedy/magic duo, who have been performing together for over 40 years. Jillette was sharing a story of when he was signing autographs one night after a show, and he noticed one of the participants from the previous night waiting to talk to him. This man came over to Jillette and told him how much he enjoyed the previous night’s show, and then gave Jillette a small Gideon’s New Testament bible, clearly stating that he was proselytising.

Jillette shares how he was so impressed that someone who was sincere, authentic, level-headed and gracious was willing to go out of his way to give a bible to him. He then made a series of challenging statements about those who have a faith.

He questioned how it could be possible for somebody, who believed in eternal life, to not share their faith with others. He used an example of saving the life of another person who was about to be hit by a truck.

If I believed, without a shadow of a doubt, that a truck was coming at you, and you didn’t believe it…. (then) there’s a certain point where I tackle you (to save you).

Jillette was very strong in his opinion that if Christians actually believe what they say they believe, then they should be more proactive in sharing their faith. His point is well made. If our conviction is strong, why don’t we share our faith more often? I don’t want this piece to come across as condemnation, but rather as an encouragement – there are opportunities for us to share our faith and express the love of Jesus all the time. Are you making the most of these opportunities? I encourage you to regularly ask God for divine opportunities each day where you can share your faith.

Also, we have three more parts in the Evangelism series on Monday evenings. Come tomorrow night at 7:30pm, and be better equipped for evangelism.

With Love
Ross & Amanda Stewart

Proselytising: an attempt to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another. In the Christian faith, we may refer to this as evangelism.

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