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Dear Friends | 25 October 2015

By October 27, 2015Inspiration

Dear Friends,

The most important thing in life is to have a close, powerful relationship with Jesus Christ. Can you remember what your life was like before you discovered the amazing love Jesus had for you?

There are still thousands all around us in Sydney who have no idea they are cherished by God and that He has an incredible destiny for them. So it’s up to us to reach them.

But ‘thousands’ can seem too hard. So start at the ‘one’. Your one neighbour next door, your one family member, your one workmate, your one person you chat to at the supermarket, the one who sits next to you at school or university.

LifeSource is calling this summer the “Summer of Harvest”. There are around 130 homes committed to praying daily for people to find Jesus. You can join us too (register at the Information Desk).

But whatever we do, let’s look for ‘the one’ around us, for whom Jesus is waiting to be given an open door into their lives……… He wants to use you and me to let them know the wonderful ‘good news’ of the Gospel.

Lots of love,
Ps John and Anne Iuliano

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