Dear Friends | 29th November 2015

By November 29, 2015Inspiration

Dear Friends,

One of the characteristics of Christ followers is generosity. We are generous because God is generous. We have discovered the joy of giving to others.

I’m thrilled when I see the generosity of our church. The gifts for the disadvantaged children are coming in and no tags were left over. Foodcare is a constant blessing to many community families with many volunteers contributing their time and energy to helping make others more comfortable.

Last Friday evening, over 300 people gathered together to raise finances for LifeSource Community Care. It was an amazing display of generosity. This was organized by a team of amazing people that keep on giving.

As we approach Christmas, become more focused on what you are going to give to others rather than what you want to get from others. Also keep in mind that being kind and thoughtful is of great value. Being generous with your words and attitudes can mean more to some people than expensive gifts.

Also keep in mind that the greatest gift that was given was the gift of salvation through our Saviour Jesus Christ. And that is what Christmas is all about.

Lots of love,
Ps John and Anne Iuliano

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