It’s Time to Dream Again

By September 21, 2016Inspiration


John Iuliano. 2016.

It’s time to dream again because our greatest hour has not yet come. The greatest inventions have not yet been patented. The greatest buildings have not yet been erected. The greatest churches have not yet been planted. The greatest songs have not yet been written. The most effective mission’s enterprise has not yet been established. The greatest children and youth ministry has not yet been released. Our greatest day has not yet dawned.

The enemy has painted the false delusion that it’s been done. That what has been is better than what will be. That there is nothing ahead of us that is grander than what lies behind us. He raises up prophets that declare, “take us back to the good old days, they were better, they were mightier, they were purer”. This message lulls people into mediocrity, dulling dreams of stellar proportions.

These lack lustre prophets of mediocrity call a generation to “Take it easy”, “Be careful”, “Don’t take a big risk”, “Go with the flow”. But deep down there is a still small voice agitating and wanting to make itself heard. Listen if you dare and you will hear these words echoing down the corridors of your heart, “It’s time to dream again.”

Many people build huge walls around their home to keep out thieves without realizing that the biggest thief seeks access to your mind which most of the time lies unprotected. The biggest thief isn’t out to steal your goods but your dreams and aspirations. He comes and tells you that the dream is too hard, it requires too much work, too much energy. Then he begins to paint pictures for you, pictures that depict failure, disapproval, pain, and a myriad of complications. He wants you declare it’s too hard, it’s not worth the pain, let someone else do it, I’m content in what I’m doing. As soon as these words are uttered, the thief can leave because his job is done. He has stolen your dream and with it the possibility of a different world. Don’t give this thief access into your mind. It’s time to dream again.
Some people believe that there are great undiscovered riches buried in gold fields and diamond fields of faraway lands. But the greatest undiscovered riches lie in the cemetery not far from where you live. Unrealized dreams are buried there amongst regrets and disappointments and “if only”. Tombstones dedicated to memories of mediocrity which could have been tombstones dedicated to world changers. Come on, it’s time to dream again.

Someone once said,” Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why they call it “The Present”.” Seize the day, seize the present and infuse into it dreams that promise a better community, a better world, and a better future. It’s time to dream again.

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