Vivify 2018 | 9-11 February 2018

Hosted again this year less than 40km from Chatswood at the idyllic Crusaders Conference Centre Galston Gorge, this time we have exclusive use of the entire site! With a capacity of around 180-200, we are looking forward to an incredible time of brightening, enlivening and sharpening ourselves together as the young families of Lifesource Church! With a full kids program on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and official sessions starting from Friday night through to Sunday morning, it will be a weekend of priceless investment into your family and friendships, filled with fun, food and fellowship.

Registrations are all processed online via Brushfire which will help to handle all the payments as well as booking of extra activities! Make sure you book in fast to avoid disappointment as spots for activities are capped per activity! Please note, all extra activities MUST be booked at the time of registration so make sure you ask your kids what they are keen to do! And adults for that matter 😉

Payments – Please note that we have enabled a split payment method within the registration process to help with managing the cashflow burden on families – please read carefully in the registration process to take advantage of this!

Hope to see you at VIVIFY 2018!!!