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You care. We care. Community Care.

LifeSource Community Food Care

Every Thursday - 9am to 12pm

Our Vision

LifeSource’s Community Care program FoodCare provides food bundles for various affordable costs for low income and at risk members of the community. FoodCare has been supporting its surrounding communities, including their Centrelink benefit card members and low income earners since 2014.  


Those in need are able to visit LifeSource, register and receive their membership and collect food packages any Thursday from 9am to 12pm. These pre-packed parcels contain a wide variety of food, including a free bag of fruit, vegetable and bread or multiple bags of groceries for just $10 a set. 


Shoppers are able to pay with cash, credit or debit, however, exact amount cash and EFTPOS methods are preferred.


LifeSource is dedicated to supporting community members in distressing and difficult situations. Through their efforts and their various partnerships their mission is to aid those who are homeless, unemployed, sole parents, victims of domestic violence, those living with a disability, the elderly and more.

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Our Locations



One location for FoodCare is at LifeSource Community Hub at LifeSource Christian Church’s Chatswood location. This is located at 175 Lower Gibbes Street, Chatswood. Parking is available via the Chatswood Business Park. This location is easily accessible through public transport including via the bus. These buses include 281 or 283 going between Chatswood and Smith Street and the 207 bus going between North Sydney and Eastern Valley Way.

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A second location for FoodCare is at LifeSource’s Fairfield location at 49 The Crescent, Fairfield. This location has public parking available surrounding it and is is a 3 minute walk from the Fairfield Railway Station.

Our Mission

With the poverty rate in Sydney increasing to 13.4%, LifeSource Community Care has founded FoodCare to combat this ever growing food crisis. Through Food Care, LifeSource Community Care has been able to distribute over 10,000 bags of groceries and over 60 tonnes of grocery and pantry items to those in need through the tireless work of over 70 volunteers.

Packing Food in Boxes


LifeSource Community Care is eternally grateful for the support and sponsorship of the many organisations and individuals who continue to contribute to FoodCare. A special thanks is given to FoodCare’s sponsors of Second Bite, Community Foodcare and Woolworth Fresh Produce for their continuous support and supply of produce. This produce is then used to create the parcels distributed to the many members of the Sydney community who are in need.

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Using the materials provided by our sponsors, food parcels are created to aid the community. These parcels range in size and value to best accommodate the needs of those in need. Each member of FoodCare is entitled to a weekly free bag of fruit, vegetables and bread. A standard hamper is also offered for FoodCare members, with multiple shopping bags being available for the affordable cost of $10. These hampers contain 1 fruit bag, 1 vegetable bag, 1 fridge bag (containing milk and other refrigerated products) and 1 freezer bag (containing a variety of proteins) and multiple bread items. Furthermore, the Choice Pantry option is also available, where members are able to select pantry items of their choice at a nominal price. These items can include grocery, hygiene products and home cleaning products.

Soup Kitchen


Those within the Sydney Community who are in need of food aid can visit LifeSource FoodCare at their two locations to collect their parcels. Upon arrival visitors will be required to register themselves using secondary identification and thus become members of this program. This membership will be available to any low income earner and holder of a Centrelink benefit card and will cost $2 a year*. If a visitor does not have a Centrelink Card, a letter of recommendation from a community agency is accepted. With a membership, those in need will be able to receive FoodCare on a weekly basis to meet their nutritional needs. All food parcels are available for collection and/or purchase on Thursdays from 9am to 12pm at the Life Source FoodCare venues. While members are encouraged to purchase via EFTPOS machines, cash is available, however, no change may be given.

In addition to LifeSource Community Care’s FoodCare programs, there is further aid provided through Community Care’s Counselling and Chaplaincy programs. 

Community Care provides FoodCare members with support such as Debt Counselling and referrals to specialist services who partner with LifeSource. 

Furthermore, LifeSource’s Chaplains are available to come alongside these vulnerable community members where they can provide support, especially during challenging seasons. This Chaplaincy service provides the care, respect and empowerment that these individuals are entitled to. These Chaplains provide the opportunity of receiving care whilst maintaining dignity. Each Chaplain is a trained professional who is able to provide a high standard of pastoral and spiritual care to ensure all the needs of these individuals are met. Community Care understands the importance of a relaxed atmosphere for Chaplaincy and most sessions are done in a safe space over a cup of tea to ensure peace and a beneficial session

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How You Can Help

All of these aid programs are only possible through the continuous and faithful support of the community. LifeSource Community Care needs your help to continue to provide these life changing support services to those in the community in need.  

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