Dear LifeSource Family,


Today the Prime Minister announced that we are no longer able to gather in groups of over 100 people. This announcement means that we need to change the way we do our Sunday services.


As of this Sunday at 10am, our church will be going online. The great news is that this Sunday, for the first time,  we are going to broadcast live to the world. We may be closing our building but we are opening our church to the whole world. We are coming to you and potentially to every home in the world that has a computer.


BEGINNING THIS SUNDAY MARCH 22nd, due to the new restrictions, our Church will no longer be open for Sunday Services.   We encourage you to gather with your connect group, or invite a few friends and family, and watch the live stream in your home.


If you do not have a Connect group, from next week you will be able to ring the church (9417 7377) during office hours and we will help you find a suitable connect group.  However, we encourage you to be proactive in gathering a few people together for ‘LifeSource at Home’.


For those with children, we will be resourcing parents to have kids church in their home. It will include a lesson, a Bible story, media content and a video message by Ps Mandy.


I also want to encourage everyone to share Communion in your home this Sunday. During  communion, remember that Jesus promised that He is with us and is in total control.   Pray for your family, your community and our nation as we navigate through an unprecedented season.


Our Church culture is to Love God, Grow Spiritually and Help Others. During this season we encourage you to also :

  • Gather together,

  • Stream together,

  • Pray together,  

  • Help Others together.


We do not know how long these measures will be in place. The information we are getting at the moment is that it will be months rather than weeks.  But we will be in regular communication with you, our Church family.


I believe that God will use this current challenge to bring the church into a greater sphere of influence. When it’s dark in the world, the church is able to shine brighter. I see this as our time to shine. I believe we will be able to influence more people this Sunday than we have ever seen in the history of our church. Our best days are before us.


With love,

Pastor John

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