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Artwork by Jenny Moffett

LifeSource Encounter Ministry is an opportunity to bring individuals deeper into God’s presence to encounter Him in a way which touches the issues in their lives, while reminding them of their value in God’s heart.

LifeSource Encounter Ministry recognises that Healing can be required on three different levels – Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

This ministry, through the Holy Spirit’s leading, encourages people to:

  • Meet & reconnect with God

  • Recognise past, family or spiritual holds on their lives.

  • Receive prayer & healing from God

  • Bring to God any hurts or fears that have had an impact on their lives.

  • Release forgiveness over others & themselves


This is a safe environment where God and people can connect together.

Contact Us
Preferred Contact Method:

I understand that LifeSource Encounter Ministry is staffed by volunteers representing LifeSource Christian Church and they have voluntarily agreed to pray for me. I understand that this meeting is not a professional counselling session and that none of the team members are licensed counsellors. I understand that these team members will pray with me and encourage me in my relationship with God. 

I acknowledge that I have voluntarily sought assistance from this ministry of my own initiative and that I am under no obligation to accept any help or direction that I might receive during this ministry. 

I understand that it is my responsibility to let the team leader know if I experience physical or emotional discomfort during the prayer ministry. I understand that if I am currently taking medication or am operating under the advice of a professional service, I will allow them (my medical doctor, therapist, counsellor etc.) to confirm any results of prayer received before altering any prescribed course of action. 

I hereby release LifeSource Christian Church, their team members and/or staff from any and all liability, for any harm or perceived harm resulting from receiving free prayer from the LifeSource Encounter Ministry team on this and subsequent visits. 

Thank you for submitting! We will be in contact with you.

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