If you are new to Lifesource or already call Lifesource home, we would love to invite you to consider joining one of our serving teams. 


Welcome Team - Welcoming families as they sign children in, operating the sign in equipment, informing leader of any issues with the equipment or system.


Student Leaders who could assist in the Junior rooms and with Sound and Graphics. 


Online Team for filming and editing - Setting up equipment, filming, copying videos onto the drive, Cleaning audio/visual quality, editing filmed content to fit template, assisting in the creation of content for Intro, Games, and other special segments as part of our LSKids Online episodes, participating in the filming process as talents.

Street to Seat Team

Hosting Team- People who enjoy assisting others within the Sunday services, seat allocations, welcoming and assisting with offering and communion

Carpark team – The first point of contact welcomers that direct people to available car spots during Sunday Services and other LifeSource Events

Hospitality Team – Includes Coffee Cart and serving Tea.

Online Welcomers/experience – New area of the online community in hosting/welcoming and building the online community 

Care and Connect

Online Moderators for Sunday Service chats.  (1 week in 4)

Pastoral care calls

Creative morning tea  (1 week in 4)

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Car Pooling – Some kids can’t come on a Friday because they cannot get to church, so we’d love to make this available for those kids. 

Cooks – We are looking for people who can join our cantina team and serve once or twice a term by cooking some homemade food. Having a Cantina will help make Friday nights feel like family. 

Youth Team – Joining the term on a Friday night; we are looking for people who really have a passion to connect with young people, and invest into this generation. 


Sunday Service Camera




TV Director


LSKid Media Team


Youth Media Team

Community Care


1. Volunteers for our Wednesday and Thursday teams – a variety of areas to serve in for men and women;

2. To join our bread run roster – for 2 hours on Wednesday afternoon from 5 pm;

Other areas:

1. Stock up on exit and entry packs provided to our local family crisis centre including delivery of the packs once a year;

2. Shopping for special event packs ie Easter, Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day


We provide training for each role which includes an orientation day and all training volunteers are placed with an experienced volunteer to assist during the training period.


Our volunteers are required to sign a Code of Conduct form and to provide details of a current Working With Children Credential.  We can provide details of how to apply for this credential if you don’t have one.

Young Adults

Mentors – people who are willing to listen, and guide young adults, as they navigate through life. Listening without judgement, but with grace and compassion. 

Connect Group Leaders – we are looking for people who really want to invest into this generation and run a Connect Group. 

Event Organising – We are looking at running a couple of events throughout the year that are going to be appealing to people outside of the Church. If you would be keen to help out for these events, in anyway; from setting up, helping organising speaks, marketing etc, then we’d love to hear from you. 


Sound engineers- run front of house (FOH) sound for services and provide audio support to the worship team. Experience is beneficial. 

Stage managers- ensure services and events at LifeSource run smoothly and with excellence. 

Lighting operators – set-up and manage lighting cues to achieve visually creative effects and focus attention throughout services. Training is provided

Graphics operators – Initiate the lyrics, sermon slides, and videos that appear on the screen. Skills required: Int. PowerPoint, confidence with web browsers, USB and email.

Musicians- Serve all ministries at LifeSource, all ages welcomed

Skills required: drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, strings, brass

Vocalists- Serve all ministries at LifeSource, all ages welcomed

For information regarding current serving teams or to fill out a volunteer expression of interest form please click below.