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Are you curious as to what God’s plan is for your life?


The statement “God has a plan for your life” is a common expression in Christian community but what does that look like for you?  What are the desires, hopes and dreams that God has placed in your heart?  Perhaps you have a clear understanding of where you want to go in life and what you would like to achieve.  Or perhaps you are still on the journey of discovering the life of significance and purpose that God has for you.


Whatever your plan may be, or even if you are still thinking about which direction to head in, the foundation of your success lies in the quality of your preparation.  LifeSource College exists to equip people for a life of influence by establishing in your heart and mind the timeless principles of leadership that are contained within the word of God.


At LifeSource we understand the need for preparation. 

We understand that God wants to give YOU significant influence in your church, influence in your world and influence in your chosen career path.  In the bible we see that before significant influence is achieved, there is the process of preparation.  Preparation that develops in you resilience, perseverance and determination.  Qualities that will assist you in every career path. 


At LifeSource, we understand that serving God is much more than simply working at a church, it is using the skills God has given you to further His Kingdom.  The leadership techniques you will learn are directly transferable to virtually any field of expertise; whatever area of influence you are seeking. 


LifeSource College will prepare you for it.

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