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"Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came towards Jesus.

Matthew 14:29

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$11.5M+ RAISED​​

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Topic Two
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Update From Kamaila & Chabota

The Kamaila Community is supported by 24 dedicated local volunteer Care Workers who provide love, care, and support to vulnerable children in the community, ensuring their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Luke, a 12-year-old boy, was taken in by his sister, Grace, after their father passed away. However, Grace struggled to provide for Luke's needs, and they often went hungry. With the help of the local church and the Kamaila
Community-Based Organization (CBO) Luke now receives daily meals and
support from the Care Workers, bringing him comfort and healing.

Similarly, Olivia and her two children were living in a house with collapsed walls and leaks. They were taken in by a neighbour until a new home with two bedrooms was constructed for them. Now they are safe, dry and able to be a family together.

LifeSource gave blankets and clothing bails to help the Kamaila community
survive the colder months.

Mary is a mother in Kamaila who has been identified as needing support. Emma and a Care worker stayed overnight with the family to connect with them and hear their story. Mary has 5 children, her husband left when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter. She works as a labourer to feed her family and will get less than $1 per day. Mary gives food to her children and often goes without. She built her house herself from mud, but unfortunately the roof has holes and the gaps around the doors mean that people try to steal from her if she has food. They have no furniture, their house is empty.


Kamaila community is now supporting 100 vulnerable children with 24 dedicated volunteer care workers.

Built 4 new homes and many more homes repaired.

Built a Community Care Point including a bore hole for clean running water.

Chabota community is now supporting 125 vulnerable children with 25 dedicated volunteer care workers.

Under 5's program started.

This year Mary scrimped and saved so that her eldest (aged 13) could go to school this year. The other 2 girls were not able to go, because they didn't have a school uniform and shoes. Her second oldest (aged 8) was responsible for the others (aged 5 and 16 months) at home.


Mary's youngest has been very sick and severely malnourished and not been able to walk. In the last couple of months, she has put on 3 kg and is improving and we pray she will be able to build her strength so she can walk.

Hands now sponsors the girls so that they can access the care centre food Monday-Friday and go to school and Care workers visit on the weekends to bring food and emotional support.


Please pray for Mary and her family. They need a house that is safe, good health and continued support.

​​In the Chabota Community, 25 dedicated local Care Workers led by David support vulnerable children. A brother and sister, live with their grandmother (Gogo). Gogo has experienced immense loss, having lost her husband and all three of her children, and now takes care of her grandchildren alone. She struggles to earn an income, often cutting local grasses for thatched roof construction to sell. She is grateful that her grandchildren are involved in the care provided by the community-based organization (CBO), where they receive physical and spiritual nourishment. Gogo relies on her small garden of sweet potatoes, as her maize crop recently failed. Leo aspires to be a builder after witnessing the CBO's assistance in their home repairs. He and Teresa support their Gogo by helping with household chores and working in her garden.



  • God's provision and protection for our children and our care workers.

  • Food, Housing, Health, Education, Church.

  • Crops would thrive and there would be enough food for all.

  • Salvations, baptisms, that our children would grow in faith.

Topic Three


Successful Pastors and leaders training

Incredible missions trip July 23

Wonderful Kids camps outreaches to the local communities

Many decisions to follow Jesus

Water baptisms

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Helena and Gustav have been ministering and mentoring churches and Pastors in Hungary for more than 10 years. This year was the first face to face visit since Covid. Here are some of the highlights from the trip.

Ps John ran a Pastors & Leaders Intensive, providing teaching and training around Leadership & Discipleship. A powerful time of ministry and impartation and every team member was able to share and bring a word of encouragement to the church.

The Holiday Kids camp was a great success, the children were engaged in bible stories and said it was the best camp ever!

Visited Romania
We visited a church plant in Romania where we were able to Bring the word of God and share in a powerful time of praise and worship.

Tiszabura & Tiszanana
Gustav helped build a church hall here many years earlier but there were so many of us that they decided to have the church service outside. There were salvations and rededications and time spent praying for the sick and those in need.

We held our largest kids camp in Tiszanana with many children and their parents being saved and set free. An incredible time of ministry with the local church and investing

into the next generation. Lots of wonderful memories. Please continue to pray for the churches in Hungary and that God will continue to bring hope to these remote communities and the children that live there.


After the Australian team returned, Gustav and Helena spent the next month visiting pastors and ministering in churches throughout the country. They saw God move miraculously and bring salvation, healing and hope to many people.



  • God's provisions for new partnerships and church planting

  • Churches in Tiszabura, Tiszanana, Ujkigyos, Romania, Szeded

  • Children to grow in faith

  • Discipleship of new believers

  • Unity and connections with pastors/ mentors

Topic Four
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We are just over halfway through the year, so it is time to look back over the last six months and praise God for his incredible work across the Arab world.

For the first half of the year, we have seen 212 Arab seekers profess faith in Jesus through our online ministry, and 23 have taken the next step and been baptised! We have 95 individuals participating in online discipleship groups, and 104 seekers have chosen to meet with local believers in their context face-to-face. Plus, Arabs seeking truth downloaded over 5,900 digital Bibles, so we especially pray that God's word will penetrate the hearts of those reading and that they will feel led to reach out to us for conversation and discipleship.

We are continually encouraged and inspired by the faith of new believers like Fajr, his story below is an astonishing example of what God is doing in the lives of Arabs today.

Fajr was born in the Arabian Gulf and had studied Islam since his childhood. Despite this, he was troubled by certain elements of his faith and by how some adherents of Islam treated each other. Moreover, he distrusted the leaders and sheikhs who taught religion and gave advice. Eventually, this discomfort led him to do more research into Islam and to investigate Christianity. This is how Fajr came upon our Arabic website. When he contacted us to learn more, one of our responders shared with him about Jesus, the message of salvation, and the forgiveness of sins, and Fajr accepted Jesus with great joy.


8,000 individuals in active contact with us online

95 in online discipleship groups

5900 digital Bibles downloaded

212 seekers professed faith

23 new believers baptised

Whenever Fajr needed someone to pray with him, he would contact this responder. One time he was very ill, so he phoned our responder. After they’d prayed together, Fajr sent this text describing his experience:

From the very first moment I left Islam, right at the beginning of my journey of faith in Christ – I’m not exaggerating – from that very minute, I felt as if I had been born again, as though I had shed my old skin and been clothed in a brand new one. Now I feel the love, the security, and the inner peace I had been missing for so long. I regret deeply that I took so long to search about Christianity. It was as if my mind and will were shut off from pursuing Christ. I grieve for all the time I spent without salvation, without even searching for Christ.

Something amazing happened to me on that day that we prayed together. For more than two weeks, I had been suffering from pain in part of my body. I wasn’t able to visit the doctor as I was so busy, and I kept hoping I would recover. Well, after we prayed together – I’m not exaggerating – as soon as you prayed for me, I sensed God’s love for me, and all the pain and suffering disappeared completely! After your prayer, I feel bold enough to be baptised as soon as possible. I want to cry out to God, to tell him,
‘Thank you for accepting me! Thank you for the grace and peace that you’ve given me! Thank you for showing me your light in the middle of my darkness.

Every day, every minute, every second, my need and desire for Christ increases.



  • New believers to grow stronger through regular online discipleship

  • Courage and strength for new believers

  • Increase in salvations and connections

  • God's word will penetrate the hearts of those reading and that they will reach out.

Topic Five


6 believers were blessed to go to Belgrade for a conference to train them in counselling techniques.

In August, Yousef came to speak in the “History Maker” conference in August.

Summer Family camp was a success. Baptisms and Healing for many.

Baptisms & Salvations

Christian marriages for couples

Successful Inner Healing seminars, 150 participants were healed and touched.

Many opportunities to partner with other ministers in nations


Counselling School is ministering to many and training great counsellors. There are 25 professional counselors working there.

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Amira recently returned from a missions conference called 'Everyone' in Amsterdam, where she represented North Africa and the Middle East by praying in Arabic. The conference gathered more than 20,000 attendees from around the world. During the event, Amira had the opportunity to meet Christine Cane and share their stories. Inspired by Christine's resources, specifically "Shine girl" Amira utilized them with various groups in Tunisia, witnessing positive growth and transformation among women.

Amira also had the privilege of meeting Rick Warren and discussing the current situation in North Africa. As part of her endeavours, she has established an Education foundation and is making plans to establish a Christian school. She requests prayers for provision and the recruitment of teachers.

Amira’s own group is thriving, with regular meetings and a dedicated team to share the workload, including preaching. They have secured a rental space in a church to ensure consistent gatherings. The have hosted successful family camps and leaders workshops and seen God move miraculously.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s passion lies in training youth, and he has been actively involved in this area. Recently, he completed the translation of the Bible into the local language and is now embarking on translating it into the Berber dialects. Daniel is praying for a suitable part-time job to sustain his ministry in these various roles.

​This year we have had many opportunities to partner with other churches to develop leaders and disciples in our country and in neighbouring countries as well.

Marry me?
In a recent leadership training course in Senegal, we had around 35 Mauritanians
leaders, and at least 18 couples. After we finished the training, the couples asked if we could marry them in a Christian ceremony. They had been married in their own countries, but wanted to have the blessing of God on their marriages. They all lined up and said their Christian vows to each other. It was amazing time to pray for each couple and bless their marriage. They left empowered to lead their churches and their families.

Feeding the Refugees
After we returned from Senegal, we had a campaign with 650 Sudanese refugees. Egypt has received 1 million Sudanese in the last two months due to the war. They are open to the good news and hundreds of them have received Jesus for the first time. We gave them food and bibles so that these new believers could start their discipleship journey. Please continue to pray for these new believers that they would

find employment food, shelter and hope and strengthen their faith. God has been moving in other Leadership Training Sessoins in North Africa, drawing people and raising up strong leaders to start churches. Please pray for them, that they would have strong faith and be able to lead their groups with grace and love. There are so many needs in these places, we need God to show his power and reveal himself to individuals, families and communities.

Ice Cream?
Yousef spoke at a Young Peoples conference in Egypt, held at a Catholic Hostel with 16 staff, responsible for preparing meals, cleaning etc. On the last day the young people at the conference decided to bless these young girls so brought ice cream, ate and shared with the girls. These sixteen young girls, hearing they needed to be born again all accepted Christ and prayed the sinner’s prayer. What happened next was remarkable. These girls were so convicted by the Holy Spirit, they brought forward their mobile phones and asked that all inappropriate things be deleted. Amazing. After this the young people from the conference took these young girls’ mobile numbers so that they could disciple them. What faith and repentance!



  • The launch of the 'Cultural Cafe' for outreach.

  • The new Christian school, for teachers, staff etc and people who see if as a ministry opportunity.

  • Please pray for church in general to be more kingdom minded and focused on God and His work.

  • New Sudanese believers to grow stronger in faith and have provision.

  • Safety for Christians

  • Strong leaders, filled with grace and courage.

  • Strength, protection and energy for Yousef and Cathy as they minister.

  • Leaders and pastors training sessions in neighbouring countries.

Topic Six
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We continue to see the father heart of God ministering through His church and to the people of Fairfield. God is revealing himself in love and grace to set the captives free, heal the brokenhearted, and bring liberty and life to our people and to our community.

Thursday Community Care Program: One of the significant developments at Fairfield Church this year has been the transformation of the Thursday Community Care program into a discipleship program for the community. Every week we serve tea/coffee to approximately 50 individuals as they gather around tables to watch a 'Jesus Project' film in Arabic, the current discipleship tool we are exploring is called “Rivka”. This initiative allows us to engage with the community on a deeper level, sharing the message of Jesus and promoting spiritual growth. A huge thank you to the Chatswood Community Care team who have taken on the preparation and delivery of FoodCare hampers and meals for our people and community members. Every week we distribute 50 grocery hampers filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, and essential pantry items. The meals are a blessing to the most desperate in our community, enabling us to feed the homeless, and help young mothers in need.

Fairfield Youth Program: The Fairfield Youth Program continues to thrive, providing a safe and nurturing environment for boys aged 12-18 years. The program includes a range of activities such as outdoor and indoor games, Alpha sessions, and dinner. For many of these boys, who come from dysfunctional homes with absent or abusive fathers, the Youth service at Fairfield Church serves as a place to belong and be discipled. Currently, the Fairfield Youth Program has nine regular participants, some of whom are actively involved in serving at the church and Foodcare. This demonstrates the positive impact our youth ministry has on their lives and their willingness to contribute to the community.


Thursday Community Care program transformed into Discipleship program

50 gathered to watch Jesus Project

Youth Program thriving

Healing Ministry team and Connect groups continue to support needs of church.

60 regular attendees

Connect Groups and Women's Aglow: Our online and in-person Connect groups and Women's Aglow ministry have continued to provide avenues for discipleship within the church. These groups foster fellowship, spiritual growth, and support by engaging in Bible studies, prayer, and sharing life experiences, to deepen their relationship with God and each other.

Healing Ministry Team: The Healing Ministry Team at Fairfield Church has been instrumental in offering prayer sessions to both members of the community and visitors. Through these sessions, individuals have received spiritual and emotional support, experiencing the transformative power of prayer.

Church Membership: LifeSource Church Fairfield has approximately 60 members. We are encouraged by the growth in our church family and the increasing number of individuals actively involved in various ministries and outreach program.



  • Please continue to pray for the spiritual atmosphere Fairfield, for the young people’s minds and for the breaking of the legalistic/religious strongholds over the community at Fairfield.

Topic Seven
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2188 individuals rescued

12 project nations

Total; 13,520 rescued.

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​We aim to continue to expand our work rescuing individuals exploited around the world, keeping others from entering the sex trade through border intervention and trafficking awareness counselling, aid in the delivery of justice for those who have been wronged and we are committed to raising awareness globally.

We are so thankful for the generosity of our church not only financially but also providing us the office space for the past 9 months. It has allowed us as a team to consolidate and establish great relationships to collaborate and work together to stand against the evil of child trafficking and exploitation.

The impact of Destiny Rescue is increasing across our 12 project nations, Year to date we have rescued 2,188 from slavery and exploitation and as necessary they are placed in our pathway to Freedom programs.

Through local churches in Africa, many families are receiving business mentoring and support ensuring security and hope for generations to come.



  • Our precious and brave survivors that they would know God's love, his peace and his healing power.

  • Our staff that they will be protected and receive supernatural wisdom and favour as they work.

  • God to open up many doors in our funding to rescue nations.

Topic Eight
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From Steve and Helen

Words cannot adequately express how thankful we are for the precious people in our lives. Many of you have stood with us throughout the years in faithful, dedicated and generous support of this ministry. We are a network of friends. Partners in the hope of “His Kingdom come, His will be done on Earth as in Heaven!” We are certainly seeing the power of His Kingdom coming among communities around the world.

Financial support of over $126,000 has made a significant impact on traumatized individuals affected by the Turkey earthquakes. Two Christian Associations, along with dedicated volunteers, have tirelessly provided grassroots assistance such as food, clothing, blankets, safe water, shelter, and prayer support. Despite personal loss, a pastor from the partner church network has been actively involved, working day and night among the rubble to help and minister to survivors. Muslim leaders initially tried to hinder aid from Christians, but community leaders later spoke out, acknowledging the Christians' love, kindness, and selfless service. The scale of the catastrophe is immense, with millions affected, countless buildings collapsed, and millions displaced, creating a profound sense of sorrow. The visit to Turkey highlighted the power of following Jesus' example, leading to stories of healing and transformation in the midst of unimaginable devastation.

After my time in Turkey, I had the privilege of a quick 4-day ministry trip into neighbouring Cyprus, a place that Helen and I love. Wide doors are open there. My great Aussie friend Guryel Ali (who is Turkish Cypriot by birth) joined me. What an honour to have him minister with me from place to place. Before he joined me, Guryel had been in North Cyprus visiting with muslim relatives he had not seen for several decades. One of his aunts had lost a teenage grandson who along with some of his sport team was killed in the earthquakes.

​I hope to return to Cyprus later this year for a truly incredible opportunity to preach a significant breakthrough event with a combined gathering of North and South Cypriots (divided since the 1974 war), together in the presence of the Lord.


Over $126,000 raised in response to Turkey earthquake, made a significant impact on affected individuals.

Celebrated the 16th anniversary of the Liberty Christian Fellowship in Cyprus. A strong, mighty service.

Led cyclone relief efforts in Vanuatu, providing daily support to families and communities, sent a shipping container loaded with essential supplies such as roofing steel, tarpaulin material, clothing, bedding, and food aid arrived in mid-April.

Our Port Vila school is running smoothly again, with power recently restored. we continue to support.



  • 700 church planters who have been through our training this year. Pray that they would continue to see their communities transformed and poverty broken forever. Pray for endurance for them, that they would continue persevering and planting churches no matter the circumstances.

  • The Meta Church participants as they prepare to run programs. Pray that they would find the right church planters to train, church planters who multiply!

  • Bootcamps and Follow ups planned for next year. Pray for God’s abundant resources for each program and nation. Pray for ground to be broken and that we would run programs in new nations.

  • Miracles in 2023 beyond anything we have ever seen before!

Topic Nine


Since 2016

109,004 one to one support

331,00 breakfast clubs

104,998 classroom support

30,208 student check-ins

262,018 groups/programs reached

Title Images.jpg


Darren and His Team

Darren and his team are actively collaborating with schools through the Your Dream ministry. The Your Dream school programs, including SPARC, concentrate on fostering students' social and emotional growth by encouraging them to aspire for greatness, set objectives, foster teamwork, and acquire life skills. The Behavior & Attendance program aids students in their learning, personal development, and accomplishments by offering a range of activities and implementing a point system. Additionally, they regularly engage and assist families within the school communities. School Workers are also present to provide support for the well-being requirements of the schools.

This year Your Dream School Programs is celebrating 20 years of helping young people live their dreams. We want to continue to make an impact. All donations will go to sponsoring a School Chaplain or Student Wellbeing worker and hampers for families.



  • Continued support for new and existing schools and chaplains

  • Meaningful interactions with students

  • Strong connections with school and staff

Topic Ten
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Odessa is being targeted now
Russian forces have been targeting Odessa and hammering the city and the surrounding villages relentlessly. The possibility of the destruction of the House of Hope, our big Orphanage Building, is becoming a reality. It is 1 km from a Ukrainian military base, and a shell fired at that base, off target, could destroy the House of Hope. Please pray with us for the protection of the people and children at the House, and also the building continues living up to its name – giving hope to the poor and needy.

Evacuations from Ukraine increase
Up to now families have chosen to stay in Ukraine in the face of the bombings because of husbands and sons in the Ukrainian army. But now things are so bad, they are wanting to be evacuated. Evidence is being found in many places, in basements of disused buildings, that Russian troops established “torture chambers” where women and children had been sexually tortured. Evidence is being accumulated that will result in war crimes being judged very severely in time to come. There is much evidence that children are still being kidnapped from Ukraine and that 700,00 have been sent to “reconditioning camps” in Russia.

Marina at the House of Hope
Marina is at the House of Hope with Esther (our house-mother of the orphans at Dusseldorf). The director demanded $5,000 USD for her release. Despite the corruption, the Ukrainian Orphanage Committee told us to just pay it, or Marina would have to stay in Poland. We managed to scrape together the money and sent Esther, to Odessa to get the final release papers which we thought were all ready to go. There was more copious paperwork to complete, and more waiting in long lines for the release papers to remove Marina from Ukraine.

Please pray that this comes to a quick conclusion and the young girl is taken out to safety in Germany.



  • Protection of people at the House of Hope

  • Re-registering House of Hope to Esther (Ukrainian)

  • Supplies for Winter ( Food. firewood, medicine)

  • Safe evacuation of people from Ukraine

  • Protection of children from being kidnapped in Ukraine and sent to Russia.

  • Marina safe exit from Ukraine to Germany

Topic One


Delivered four boot camps, and ten follow ups in six nations

Meta Church Launch

Filmed our whole two-week boot camp in the studio, in four languages! This will help us to train even more church planters worldwide!

Multiple church planters have already locked in dates for programs they will run next year!

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From Lindsay Clarke

This has been an amazing year for all things Metamorphic and I am pleased to present this report to our partners around the globe. This report covers the activities for the first half of 2023 which has been a very fruitful first half. It was fantastic to have some of our close ministry friends and partners imparting life to our church planters as Pastors John Iuliano, John Cannone and Fred Needham trained our church planters in Burundi, Uganda, Nepal and Cambodia. They have been a great blessing to the 700 church planters that they trained and also to our global team.


Another fantastic highlight for me personally was the development of our team. A team that carry the DNA of Metamorphic and represent us with honor and grace. Witnessing our team develop to become world class church planter trainers and mentors is truly rewarding.


This year we have also completed the filming and editing of our whole church planting program in four languages which will be released online very soon as we expand our reach to plant indigenous churches all over the globe.


Our partnership and the favour of heaven is what makes this all work. Together we are better!!!



  • 700 church planters who have been through our training this year. Pray that they would continue to see their communities transformed and poverty broken forever. Pray for endurance for them, that they would continue persevering and planting churches no matter the circumstances.

  • The Meta Church participants as they prepare to run programs. Pray that they would find the right church planters to train, church planters who multiply!

  • Bootcamps and Follow ups planned for next year. Pray for God’s abundant resources for each program and nation. Pray for ground to be broken and that we would run programs in new nations.

  • Miracles in 2023 beyond anything we have ever seen before!



Church Banking Details:

BSB: 062 217
Account No: 1021 0239
Account Name: LifeSource Christian Church

Reference: Missions

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