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All Connect Groups are currently held online.

If you'd like to fine one to join, please contact us,

we'd love to help.


Connect Groups are one of the key ways in which we fulfil our mission to bring God and people together by loving God, growing spiritually and helping others. It is primarily through Connect Groups that we build relationships that empower people to lead and influence in every sphere of life; relationships are central to the Christian journey at LifeSource.

Each week dozens of Connect Groups meet across the northern suburbs of Sydney: some during the day and some in the evening. There are a variety of groups: Men’s, women’s and mixed; some for families, for singles, the mature and foreign language.


​No matter what your age, interest or situation, we have Connect Groups that are just right for you, feel free to visit a couple of groups before choosing one that works for you.

Send us a message to learn more about our Connect Groups

and take a step toward joining a community.

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