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Life is so much better together. LifeSource Young Adults is a community of young people who want to support one another in every aspect of their lives. As a group, our goals are to help you: love God, to grow in your walk with God and to help others. This is a community who will love you no matter what. 

Whether you're studying, working, single or married, there is a community for you here. We have several Connect Groups that meet during the week that would love to get to know you.  


Connect Groups is the best way to get to know people and help yourself in your spiritual walk. These small groups are designed to help you find people that are going to help support you in your personal and spiritual life. There is a study time together, an opportunity to pray and, of course, food. 

Currently we have 2 Young Adult Groups (ages 18-25): 

Monday Night: Zelia & Josh

Wednesday Night: Teddy & Mitch

If you would like to join, or know more, please contact us. Or keep up to date with what's happening by following us on Facebook and Instagram. 

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